Mr Bean

Mr Bean

Mr Bean can be a series of fourteen shows based upon the of Mr Bean, a grown man who have been born yesterday. The smoothness is played by the versatile comedic star Rowan Atkinson. The programmes were filmed between 1990 and 1995, together with the franchise also spawning a number of short specials, an cartoon version, and two feature-length films.

mr bean 2016

Bean is supposedly a grown man but is outstandingly childish; his juvenile behaviour brings him into issue with alarming regularity. He bumbles along in your life with great abandon and seems oblivious on the havoc he causes. Moreover, in the childish way, things are exciting, and everything has to be played with. Even (especially?) those activities which he shouldn’t, just like the Christmas displays in Harrods! Whilst he rarely speaks (visual humour is the main strength of the sitcom), his occasional vocal offerings expose his voice to become as socially unacceptable as his behaviour, so when amusing as his trademark tweed blazer.

Bean’s residence alters between different episodes, but he never progresses beyond a smaller, one-or-two room grubby flat, that she explains to his sole friend; Teddy, his bear, who rather worryingly Bean usually think can communicate with him! Actually is well liked features a long-term (and long-suffering) girlfriend, Irma Gobb (although whether he understands the concepts of romance and intimacy is uncertain). Other folks he encounters, he has a tendency to quickly worry together with his eccentric behaviour. Indeed, the title sequence might declare that he’s an extra-terrestrial; he finds it difficult to manage everyday situations, and is apparently finding out how to live life each time performing an issue that to the majority of people will be quite easy (like sit an examination; head to church; stuff a turkey etc.). The fact his presence disturbs TV reception would support this theory.

The one thing that makes Bean so worrying to those who encounter him, and so intriguing and hilarious to we the guests, is that it’s very difficult to workout who he really is; it could, naturally, just be he lacks social skills, but we do not understand what actually motivates him; what his hopes and dreams and fears are; why is him tick. The fascination as we watch this peculiar specimen go about his daily existence is often captivating and constantly hilarious.

mr bean 2016


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